Environment & Cadstation Design & Build

Cadstation & The Environment

Cadstation recognises the need to operate the business in a manner that reflects good environmental management. We are aware of the environmental impact of our operations and will balance its aims with the need to protect the environment.

We strive to :

  • Minimise waste and maximise recycling / re-use of local materials wherever possible.
  • Produce environmental and sustainable solutions by implementing specific targets.
  • Keeping ourselves aware of and compliant with all the current and future legislation.
  • Use water and energy efficiently and avoid pollution in all areas of our operations.
  • Identify environmental risks and implement necessary controls to manage those risks.
  • Ensure all our employees, subcontractors and suppliers are aware of this policy.
  • Through continuous improvement we will always look to the future.

We are committed to continuous improvement in environmental management and sustainable development to meet current needs without compromising the ability of further generations.