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Now you have all your drawings and approvals in place its time to build! We can undertake all types of work including the following examples:

House extensions –

If you love where you live but want a bigger house it can be slight dilema! So you have looked around to see what you can afford but can’t quite stretch that far, plus its further away than you would like? We’ll instead of going through the headach of moving why not make your house a little bigger? House Extensions are ever more popular nowdays with the high house prices of today. You’ll spend a lot less of your preciuos savings on an Extension that you would moving to a bigger house! A single storey rear extension is a popular option allowing you to enlarge your kitchen/living space whereas a two storey side extension can allow a garage extension with an additional bedroom at first floor or even another living space for the kids to play in, the choice is yours. Why not just as the question at Cadstation where we’ll give you advice on whether it’s a reality.

Loft conversions –

This can increase the value of your home because with the right criteria a en-suite bedroom can be achieved and therefore your house price would be a great deal higher if you ever wanted to sell up.

Refurbishments –

Depending on the extent of works planning & building regulations may not be required allowing us to fit a new kitchen, a new bathroom or just simply redecorate to modernise your home. We offer a wole host of refurbishments services from simply building a garden wall to redecorating your whole house.

Garage Conversions –

Do you actually use your garage for anything other than to store general day to day items. Ever put your car in the Garage? Most people don’t but dont really think that they can have another room in the house by simply knocking through to extend and have agames room, nursery, even a work station from home. An increasingly popular option allowing the conversion of what is commonly used for storage. An attached garage can easily become a modern, stylish family room.

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